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Finally - the first @neilhimself and amandapalmer video i produced/directed is live!  Makin’ Whoopee - so cute!  Mini-docs soon!


as we’re on the precipice of the pre-order for the “evening with” album going LIVE….i thought it’d be a good time to post THE NEW VIDEO.

this was filmed on the west coast tour from which all three discs of recordings were culled…it’s “makin’ whoopee” and it’s how we opened the show every night. 

gotta say it. he’s adorable when he sings.

(also: my dress, and his coat, are designed by kambriel.)

How many different ways are there to say that the Tea Party Republicans are both crazy and stupid? How often can you point out that John Boehner is pathetically weak, quite possibly the most ineffectual Speaker in the history of the House of Representatives? How many times can you remind people of all the awful things that would happen if the government shuts down and/or we don’t raise the debt ceiling? How many times can you scream at Republicans that they are never, ever, ever going to repeal the Affordable Care Act so they should just give it the hell up already? How many times can you cry that this would be an insane way to run a junior-high student council, much less the government of the mightiest nation on earth?


The House narrowly approved a measure Thursday evening that would cut about $39 billion in funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — better known as food stamps — over the next decade.

Because it’s REALLY REALLY REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT that we continue to hurt the poor so that the rich can have juuuuuuuuuusssst a little more change in the cushions of their couch.

Fuck every piece of shit who voted for this.


Because it’s completely, absolutely normal. 

It’s normal because society is artificial. It’s all made the fuck up. 

We’re all just dropped into this Game that people before us and with us are inventing as they go. Making up rules that don’t always make any sense and goals that don’t really mean much.

You need “money” points to win. 
To earn “money” points, you gotta get a job. 
No, not that job.
Bonus for having “luxury” collectibles.
If you don’t have enough “money” points, you don’t eat.

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Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier decided to make an unconventional pitch on the House of Representatives floor Thursday to defend food stamps. Speier used a cooked steak, a bottle of vodka, and a can of caviar to point out members of Congress who had large numbers of SNAP program recipients in their districts but opposed the program. The Congresswoman pointed out many of the same members of Congress took trips around the world with large stipends for food and lodging.

“In my district, California 14, we have about 4,000 families who are on food stamps, but some of my colleagues have thousands and thousands more,” Rep. Speier said. “Yet, they somehow feel like crusaders, like heroes when they vote to cut food stamps. Some of these same members travel to foreign countries under the guise of official business. They dine at lavish restaurants, eating steak, vodka and even caviar. They receive money to do this. That’s right, they don’t pay out of pocket for these meals.”

Speier went on, using particular examples of members of Congress who went on sponsored trips and spent large amounts of money on food and lodging.

“Let me give you a few examples: One member was given $127.41 a day for food on his trip to Argentina. He probably had a fare amount of steak,” she said.

“Another member was given $3,588 for food and lodging during a six-day trip to Russia. He probably drank a fair amount of vodka and probably even had some caviar. That particular member has 21,000 food stamp recipients in his district. One of those people who is on food stamps could live a year on what this congressman spent on food and lodging for six days,” she added.

Congresswoman Uses Steak, Vodka And Caviar To Hammer Republicans On Food Stamp Cuts

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10 Wild Facts About Chameleons

  • 1 — Changes in light, temperature or emotion can prompt Chameleons to change color - they do not change color to camouflage themselves.
  • 2 — Their tongues moves faster than human eyes can follow, hitting their prey in about 30 thousandths of a second. They have ballistic tongues that are 1.5 - 2 times the length of their body.
  • 3 — The word ‘chameleon’ is a combination of two Greek words, “Chamai”, meaning ‘on the ground’ and “Leon” meaning ‘lion’.
  • 4 — Chameleons do not have any ears.
  • 5 — Almost half of the world’s species live on the island of Madagascar with 59 different species there. There are approximately 160 species of chameleon worldwide.
  • 6 — Chameleon eyes have a 360-degree arc of vision and can see two directions at once. They can rotate and focus separately to observe two different objects simultaneously, which lets their eyes move independently of each other.
  • 7 — Their feet resemble tongs with five toes that are fused into a one group of two and another group of three.
  • 8 — A prehensile tail is adapted for grasping especially by wrapping around an object.
  • 9 — Males are typically much more ornamented. Many have head or facial ornamentation such as horn-like projections while others have large crests on top of their head.
  • 10 — Chameleons vary greatly in size and structure. Their lengths can vary from 15 millimeters (0.6 in) in the male Brookesia micra (one of the world’s smallest reptiles) to 68.5 centimeters (30 in) in the male Furcifer oustaleti.

 sources 1, 2, 3

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The Results of Drug Tests on Welfare Recipients in Florida:

Drug testing only benefits the testing company. Typical on conservatives to waste time and money trying to stop a fake issue.

You have to love how they pander to the “everyone on welfare is a mooch and a druggie” types in order to get public support for such a wasteful program - that did nothing but line the pockets of the owners of drug testing facilities. 

You know what would be really crazy? If the Governor who signed the law that introduced drug screening, founded one of the largest companies in Florida that provides drug screening. 

Fucking Rick Scott.

Tea Party America, ladies and gentlemen. It’s crony capitalism at it’s finest, and the rubes who vote for these shitbags just clap louder and louder while people like Rick Scott fuck them over.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted its stay of execution as 52-year-old Warren Lee Hill was being prepared for lethal injection. In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the appeals court said further review is needed of recent affidavits by doctors who changed their minds about Hill’s mental capacity. “In other words, all of the experts — both the State’s and the petitioner’s — now appear to be in agreement that Hill is in fact mentally retarded,” judges in the majority wrote in their order. (via Supreme Court declines, but execution gets last-minute stay -

If calculations of the newly discovered Higgs boson particle are correct, one day, tens of billions of years from now, the universe will disappear at the speed of light, replaced by a strange, alternative dimension, one theoretical physicist calls “boring.”

So we have that to look forward to. (via motherjones)

I love Physics.  And physicists. 

Economists have referred to this phenomenon as “degree inflation,” and it has been steadily infiltrating America’s job market. Across industries and geographic areas, many other jobs that didn’t used to require a diploma — positions like dental hygienists, cargo agents, clerks and claims adjusters — are increasingly requiring one, according to Burning Glass, a company that analyzes job ads from more than 20,000 online sources, including major job boards and small- to midsize-employer sites. This up-credentialing is pushing the less educated even further down the food chain, and it helps explain why the unemployment rate for workers with no more than a high school diploma is more than twice that for workers with a bachelor’s degree: 8.1 percent versus 3.7 percent.

DC Comics has handed the keys to the “Champion of the Oppressed” to a guy who has dedicated himself to oppress me, and my partner, and millions of people like us. It represents a fundamental misread of who the character is, and what he means.

It is dispiriting. It is wearying. It is also, finally, not for me.

One of the other nicknames that accrued to Superman right away – that predates “Man of Steel” by a good amount – is “The Man of Tomorrow.” And much of his early iconography bears a distinctive Socio-Realist, Diego Rivera vibe: a lot of burnished golden sunrises, eyes raised to the horizon, gazing into the future.

Because that’s where he lives, Superman. And that’s what he says to us: We can do better. We can be better, to ourselves, and to each other.

Hey, DC Comics? Be better.

Glen Weldon, author of SUPERMAN: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY, twitter wit, and wonderful pop culture thinker and writer, on Orson Scott Card and his grotesque miscasting as writer, however temporary, of Superman. (via mattfractionblog)

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The full moon rises over the only planet we have ever called home.

The fire that resulted from the explosion at JJ’s restaurant, 910 W. 48th St. was upgraded to a four-alarm blaze. Fire crews reported about 7:45 p.m. that the gas company said it had turned off gas in the area. A fire official said the explosion appears to have been an accident. There may have been two or even three explosions. A contractor working on a reported gas leak outside JJ’s said there was a small explosion outside the restaurant and some of the gas workers ran inside to order everybody out. Then there was a larger explosion. The worker did not think everybody got out of the restaurant. There are numerous reports of injuries but it is not clear how serious they area. The University of Kansas Hospital is treating five patients, one of which is critical and two are serious. A spokesman said the injuries were trauma injuries not burns. He said the hospital has been told they will not receive any more patients. St. Luke’s Hospital has received seven patients, at least two of them critical. The others are still being evaluated. Research Hospital received two patients by ambulance with smoke inhalation and both were in good condition. Truman Medical Center is also treating one patient in critical condition. A Star reporter a block north of the scene saw a man with a blood-covered face being wheeled away on a gurney. There are other gurneys outside an apartment to the north and across Belleview Avenue from JJs, but that building did not appear to be damaged. He said crews were spreading tarps on the street in possible anticipation of casualties. (via Police: No deaths after explosion near Plaza -



“In 1951, Vivian moved to New York at twenty-five-years-old and worked in a sweat shop for a while until she would become a nanny for the next forty years on and off. When she had days off, she would walk the streets of Chicago or New York, most often using her Rollieflex camera, photographing everyone and everything from the well-dressed shoppers to homeless people and even her own reflection.”

Messy Nessy Chic highlights the photography of Vivian Maier, whose work was unseen until bought at a Chicago auction by real estate agent and historical hobbyist John Maloof. Check out more of her photography here and watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary film, Finding Vivian Maier.

We we we, we so excited.

"Inglourious" did not walk us through provocative scenes of concentration camp torture, gas chambers and ethnically stereotyped victims. Nor were Jewish characters subjected to the indignities of being torn apart by dogs. And while we have our trusty authenticity card out, did the Jewish people not suffer the repeated verbal onslaught of "kike," "rats" and other grotesque terms? Were such words used in "Inglourious Basterds" more than 100 times? How about 70? OK 30? 10? Thankfully, Tarantino knew that he was perfectly able to tell a story without such gimmicks. (He also knew the community he claimed to be avenging wouldn’t stand for it.) Hey, remember when Tarantino was selling those emaciated Jewish prisoner action figures with the concentration camp tattoos? So funny and ironic and harmless, right? No. That would have been cheap and disgusting. Yet the filmmakers agreed to the release of action-figure slave and slaver dolls to help promote "Django." It was an especially offensive decision because selling slave figurines falls directly in line with the centuries-old American tradition of desensitizing us to the horrors of slavery with cute, palatable commodities. Tarantino didn’t invent this tacky strategy; he just dug it back up.